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From: Rick Aurtus

Dear Friend,

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Here is everything you need to know to get started:

Step 1:

Sign Up For a Clickbank Account
Our affiliate program is run through Clickbank for maximum security.

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Step 2:

Create Your Affiliate Tracking URL

We use this URL to track how many sales you make for us so that we can pay out what you deserve. To make your affiliate URL simply replace the XXXXX below with your own unique Clickbank nickname.

Step 3:

Send Traffic To Our Website

That's It! All you need to do now is send traffic to our website and wait for your cheques in the mail. There are loads of ways to send traffic to us. Here are just a few of them:

Place a link on your website or blog.

You can write an article about studying or the ultimate study secrets and submit it to, or

Send out a newsletter to your email list promoting our product.

Use Google Adwords or other Pay Per Click search engines (see below for a keyword list).

Refer some of your friends or colleagues to the product and ask them to buy with your affiliate link.

Place ads on Classified sites like or!

Step 4:

Use some of our tools for promotion

To make your life a little easier please feel free to use any of the tools below in your promotional efforts

Example Link

If you would like to link to our site from your website or blog you can use the following code

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Change 'Click Here' with the text you would like to use to link to us.